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Retrieve arms from chest.

You don't keep your arms in your chest! That's where you keep your collection of ROGUEISH COSTUMES and T-SHIRTS WITH FUNNY DICE PUNS ON THEM. Your arms are stored in your CLOSET OF WONDERS with all the other PROPS. Throwing open the closet doors, you take a good long look at your FOAM WEAPONS. Fake SWORDS, AXES, SPEARS, BOWS, and everything inbetween like POLE AXES, DAGGERS, and DAGGER AXES. You even have a couple of NARF BLASTERS in here. Yes, it's a fine collection, one that you've spent a long time perfecting. You hope to gain a few new ones with the rest of your birthday presents, as you do every year. You still haven't allocated anything to your STRIFE SPECIBUS yet, because that would get in the way of having them forever on display. > Submit Command
sylladex :: strife deck
sylladex :: captchalogue deck