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Your name is RUTÉ RENSECHTER. As was previously mentioned, it is your BIRTHDAY. Unfortunately you have yet to recieve any CAKES as you had been lead to believe is customary. You have a number of HOBBIES, chiefmost a love of ROLEPLAYING. Much of the wall space in your room is taken up by COOL ART POSTERS from various podcasts, although an entire wall is dedicated to a bookshelf of SOURCE BOOKS and FANTASY NOVELS. On the other side is your BED, wedged into a corner directly adjacent to the COMPUTER DESK which you mostly use to play GAMES. You've tried joining online campaigns of Denizens and Delvers before, but you're NOT VERY GOOD AT IT. > Ruté: Retrieve arms from chest.
sylladex :: strife deck
sylladex :: captchalogue deck