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Ruté: Test out TWOSHOOT.

Gripping the comically-oversized dart gun with both hands, you close your eyes tight in anticipation of the recoil, pull the trigger hard, and repeatedly slam the pump back. Quickly all ten darts have been discharged into your defenseless BEDROOM WALL! To your dismay, when you open your eyes again to assess the damage you discover that the darts have punched a small hole into your prized poster of beloved fictional spaceman GUS AMON. With each one being the size of your fist, even the squishy rubber tips couldn't save Gus from your three-feet-away assault. Shedding a single tear for a dear friend accidentally slain in the name of science, you silently captchalogue the TWOSHOOT and transfer it to your STRIFE DECK. Your STRIFE SPECIBUS has been allocated with the NARFKIND ABSTRACTUS. > Submit Command
sylladex :: strife deck
sylladex :: captchalogue deck